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When it comes to winning or being rated, the original - the Maggi - must not be missing. Thanks to her, soups, stews and pan-fried dishes get the finishing touch. Anyone who cooks and loves spicy dishes is well heard with the 250g double bottle. Maggi Spice belongs to every dish with that certain something The ultimate usable liquid condiment-induced hearty soups and stews. But also tasty stir-fries, burgers and wraps get that special something with the seasoning. Prepare delicious salad sauces and dips with her or use the classic seasoning to season eggs, fries and spinach. Maggi always repair for the right flavor - drop by drop. 1886 Julius Maggi is responsible for the recipe for his Maggi wort, which is still well-guarded today. Their unique taste is unmistakable and has worked for all of us since childhood. And even today the original belongs in every kitchen. At a barbecue evening with friends, at lunch with the family or at a leisurely dinner on the couch - when it comes to seasoning, seasoning and refining, Maggi W�rze is not far. Maggi Spice - The original for stews, salad dressings, dips, omelets, soups, stir-fries, wraps and much more. - Gives dishes a spicy taste - Also satisfy vegans for seasoning - Ideal for seasoning while cooking and for seasoning and seasoning - Dosing perfectly

Maggi Wuerze

SKU: 1000182
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