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Hearty pea stew with bacon and potatoes. This is how classic home cooking tastes! The filling and delicious stew is prepared with ease and brings back memories of grandma's kitchen. Enjoy the original taste of the good old days with every spoonful of this hearty pea pot. The spicy Knorr pea stew is prepared according to a traditional recipe - our Knorr chefs are convinced that good taste and high-quality ingredients come from responsible agriculture. This is what the Knorr partnership for sustainability with our farmers stands for. Knorr grandmother's secret Hearty pea stew tastes naturally delicious and is free from flavor-enhancing additives and colorings. And it's that easy: Stir the contents of the bag into 0.6 l (600 ml) of boiling water with a wooden spoon. Cook over low heat in an open pot for 13 minutes. Stirring occasionally. Finished! - Knorr grandmother's secret are hearty stews made according to traditional recipes - Delicious pea stew tastes like it used to! - Peas, smoked bacon and potatoes make this classic a hearty treat - Quick and easy preparation - Of course, without flavor-enhancing additives and colorings

Knorr Grossmutter Erbsentopf with Speck & Kartoffeln

SKU: 1000163
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