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This East-German mustard classic Bautz�ner medium hot: refrigerators feel empty without it. At barbecues there is absolutely no mood without this star. Mild and spicy at the same time, uniquely tasty - the East German cult mustard! The ingredients? Drinking water, mustard seeds, brandy vinegar, salt, sugar, and the best spices. And that's exactly what makes our medium hot star so distinctive. Of course, Bautz'ner do not add any flavor enhancers, colors or preservatives to our vegan and lactose-free mustard. Mustard production in Bautzen goes back to 1866. So they had a lot of time to find out exactly what it takes so that Bautz'ner will taste just as unmistakably spicy in the next 150 years as it does today and no tasty bratwurst can do without it.

Bautzner' Senf Mittelscharf

SKU: 1000111
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