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Pure Thomy sunflower oil and lots of egg yolks from barn eggs make Thomy delicatessen mayonnaise a fine and particularly creamy premium product to refine and enjoy. Ideal for potato and pasta salads and also a real treat with French fries. The Thomy Original - unmistakable on the golden lid - does not contain any preservatives. Delicacy mayonnaise - for connoisseurs and gourmets We at Thomy use carefully selected ingredients for the production of the delicacy mayonnaise. Pure sunflower oil, eggs, iodized salt, mustard seeds and various spices are finely homogenized, giving the Thomy Mayonnaise its particularly creamy consistency and unique taste. Thomy Delicatessen Mayonnaise - Germany's most popular mayonnaise. - Ideal for potato and pasta salads. - With pure sunflower oil and barn eggs. - Mayonnaise with the golden lid. - Without the addition of preservatives. Thomy - the brand for special enjoyment If you want to turn everyday food into a special moment, Thomy is the very first choice. We at Thomy have been manufacturing products to the highest quality standards and with carefully selected ingredients since 1954. When it comes to enjoyment and special taste, we have always kept our promise: Thomy - here comes enjoyment. The creamiest mayonnaise from Thomy conquered the kitchens of the republic over 60 years ago and has been used since then to refine various salad creations, to dip and enjoy. If you are sinful, then with the delicious and creamy Thomy Delikatess-Mayonnaise.

Thomy Delikatess Mayonnaise

SKU: 1000100
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